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My name is Steve Chezik I am a Graphic Design professional and even a decade after graduating I am still stunned by the work I see all over the world. There are three reasons why I love design, and why I chose this field. One to create sorting beautiful every day, Two to provide my quality and aesthetic to business and private contractors. Lastly the smiles and reactions I get when I present designs.


The design goals I strive for in my work are always to have the best quality and assets in regard to textures, photography, layout, and color. I strive to be extremely fast, I view every project as it needs to be done yesterday. This comes from most of the positions I have held. In other words, I make it happen.


As I designer over the past decade, I have developed many strengths, I am a very good communicator. I prefer the most organic conversation meeting in person or face-to-face interaction. Though times have changed and most meetings are now with a camera and computer screen I have adapted to that as well. I am not afraid to go out on a limb and try something new. I take criticism very well and welcome feedback. Also when you hear “we need to re-design” just keep in mind the wants and needs and refine as needed. I have an internal checklist for formatting to ensure proper resolution for printing and digital and keep it consistent with other materials as they all work as one. Lastly, I very much enjoy working with a positive team. I always bring smiles, respect, and support from team members. I always as the team I am working with if they need any help or just make them smile.


In my most recent experience at LIV Sothebys International Realty, I design and submitted company and broker advertisements, and administrated assets in print and digital. I also worked with motion graphics and social media posts and custom broker materials. Lastly, I put together numerous volumes of magazines within a month's timeline with a heavy concentration on layout and covers. Prior to that, I had a design position ad Kentwood Real Estate providing custom website design and print services from scratch every day. Poster creation has been a side gig that has fueled the more creative side for me, I create a stunning illustrations from real images in my style. Working and interning at print shops and publishers while going to school I learned a ton. Designers are sometimes viewed on they just want to make sh** look good. The best decision I ever made was taking the minimum wage jobs to learn printing and the ins and outs of the processes so I could have a solid knowledge of design on the front end. Processes such as laser and die-cutting, four-color process, digital printing, and screen printing.


These experiences, as well as my education, have provided me with the necessary skills. I am creative, flexible, and hold a cherished professional attitude. In the early days, graphic design was fueled by music and album art, in parallel with inline skating and snowboarding. The backbone of my personality is my respect for nature. Growing up in a hand-built log home, and working with wood and in most winter scenarios splitting it, shaped me who I am today as a designer.