"Everything I create I hope will live on longer than me so others can experience me in a very small way even after I am gone. Someone discovers that poster walking along the street. If it can last a lifetime and someone sees that poster at a bus stop I have done my job."


I am Steve a Graphic Designer and Photographer in Denver, Colorado. In my two previous experiences as a designer at local high-end brokerages. I created custom brands for luxury properties, listing brochures and books, presentations, logos, social media graphics. I also created advertisements for local and regional publications. Consisting of personal, co-op advertising, and company advertising. Lastly, I create custom posters via my Etsy shop.

Prior to these positions, I was an engraver and graphic artist at Crown Trophy in Centennial. Back in Minnesota, I was a contract employee at OMCM Marketing Solutions as a Graphic Designer and Art Director. While in this fast-paced role, I prepared quotes for printing custom jobs and created and rendered new concepts and proofs for clients. I also created new logos and art for embroidery, screen-printing, dye-sublimation, pad printing, laser engraving, and 4-color process. I managed the progress of jobs in production to provide the most accurate ship dates to the customer service team. 
Prior to my work at OMCM I worked at a circuit manufacturing company. I started as a printer and progressed to screen prep, assembler, laser cutter, and finally design engineer where a majority of my time employed with the company was spent. I designed membrane switches and graphic overlays, and created film positives or separations for screen-printing, and pre-press for digital printing. I sent proof approvals to customers while collaborating with sales on the design. I would create a bill of materials along with prints, and order tooling. I also followed the part through its production life-cycle to ensure proper creation and delivery.

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