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Hello, my name is Steve Chezik. Currently, I hold a position as Marketing Content Designer at Friday Health Plans in Denver. I spend my time designing and managing sales materials for brokers across five states. I design brochures large and small and in many languages. Also banners and signs, magazine and newspaper advertisements, billboard/transit/stadium art for both print and digital all adhering to brand guidelines. I create stat sheets, e-flyers, and ads for realtors I have continued relationships with.

For a short term I worked for a digital directory manufacturer located in Lafayette, utilizing HTML/CSS in programming and designing static, touchscreen, and mobile interfaces and directories.

Prior to that I was the lead designer at LIV Sotheby's International Realty, I designed and submitted company and broker advertisements, and administered assets in print and digital. I also worked with motion graphics, social media graphics and custom broker materials. Lastly, worked with a content, project manager and other designers on that team to together to produce numerous volumes of LIV magazine at a high distribution rate.

Before I trasitioned to LIV I held a design position ad Kentwood Real Estate (Home Services of America) providing custom website design including setting up google analytics and tagging photos for proper SEO compliance as print services from scratch every day. I love interacting with clients about their products and designs.


Lastly, in Minnesota, I worked for an electronic manufacturer designing and screen printing electronic circuits, housing, and packaging for membrane switches. Also, I held a position as an art director for a small promotional company focusing on embroidery and screen printing garments as well as point of sale displays and other promotional items.  


These experiences, as well as my education, have provided me with the necessary skills for the position. I would bring modern creativity, flexibility, and a professional attitude to your team.

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